Buy a new house with YouTube revenue

written by Josh on March 7th, 2011

Today YouTube announced “a significant increase in our commitment to our aspiring and successful creators on YouTube” by putting together a new team to “supercharge creator development and accelerate partner growth and success” called YouTube Next, and by revealing that they’ve acquired Next New Networks (who produce original web content).

Good news for partners, although YouTube tends to do things that benefit larger partners, so it will be interesting to see if any of this really helps some of the smaller partners out (who really need it).

The YouTube Blog Post about these new revelations also included some interesting details about YouTube Partners revenue:

  • many partners make enough money to buy a new house
  • many partners make a career out of their videos
  • number of partners making over $1000/month is up 300% since the start of 2010
  • hundreds of partners are making six figures a year

I haven’t been able to buy a new house yet or hit six figures a year, but it’s definitely nice to know that just like the popularity of web video is continuing to grow, so are the pocketbooks of the people making those videos, not just the website hosting the videos.

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