You can get famous people to follow you on Twitter if you really try

written by Josh on September 17th, 2009

Have you ever noticed how many people the stars on Twitter actually follow compared to how many are following them?  There’s a huge difference… often hundreds of thousands or even millions are following them and they’re following back a few hundred at best.

So how can you get famous people to actually follow you?  The writer at thinks he’s found a way.  Essentially he suggests you follow those few people that the celebrities are following and then in turn a lot of them will likely follow you back, and you’ll basically be just one degree of separation away from a celebrity on Twitter.  And if you can manage to strike up a conversation on Twitter with one of those people, or if they retweet something that you write, the celebrity who’s following them may notice you and follow you as well if they’re interested in what you’re writing.

Seem far fetched?  Well, it might be, but it’s probably be worth a shot.  Afterall, you’ve got nothing to lose… worst case scenerio you’ll gain some more twitter followers!

What do you think? Do you care if a celebrity is following you on Twitter or not?  Do you have anyone famous following you on Twitter?

YouTube Comment of the Day:

brokenBDA has made a comment on Mean voicemail messages – have a listen!:

the kids who called you probably got cut tails when there parents found out they made long distance calls :) and the grown ups really need to get a hobby that doesn’t include hurting others. what cunts! i think you have as much right as anyone posting on you tube! you put a smile on someone’s face today and that is something to be proud of!

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Facebook Comments:

  1. emmzeee

    i got lady gaga following me and i have no idea why :) but yeh tehe everyone follow me – emmzeee

  2. Bill Bogusky

    Stop using comic sans. This is a very serious piece of advice.

  3. Maya

    I’ve seen loads of Beiber fans @ reply him billions of time until he follows them and I find this a little excessive. The advice you provided sounds like a pretty good idea. And I don’t have anyone famous following me on twitter, and to be honest I don’t really mind. Its not like they’ll read my posts with 7,000 other posts on their dashboard 😛

  4. Marilyn

    FOLLOW ME ONT TWITTER: @marilynwaterval

  5. hericles bittencourt

    I am a singer and study medicine in Brazil, follow me on Twitter:


    Follow me I’ll follow you back … thanks.

  6. charlotte

    Follow me on twitter @CharlzGS or my group @Westlife_Club thankyou

    and i will try your advice :)

  7. ashley

    i got followed by Justin Bieber & Willow Smith & Vita Chambers & Island records & many other famous people … i get the followers by earning them ! its not hard or i could just help other & in return i get help back .. no i have like 1,755 (: yeah its pretty cool. follow me btw @shawtymanewifey & i dnt & do care if ppl follow me … i et to meet new ppl that understand me (:

  • Ash

    How did you get them to follow you

  • admin

    What do you mean Ash? That’s what the blog post is all about – did you read it?

  • tyler

    follow me please!/followMEarianat
    ill follow you back and i really wish ariana would fuclking follow me;3

  • Nancy

    Followw me guys and i will follow back:) :3 @NancyWolfHeart

  • Anya

    Follow me (: @AnyaJordanNY i’ll follow back :]

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