The Miss USA pageants are good for my YouTube views

written by Josh Rimer's Blog on June 21st, 2013

You’ve probably heard about Miss Utah’s answer at the 2013 Miss USA pageant by now… it’s always to have a laugh at those who help perpetuate the stereotype of how smart a beauty contestant must be. 😉 Her nerves apparently got the best of her and she had a bit of a brain fart, giving a pretty incoherent answer during the final Q & A. As soon as I heard about it I knew what I needed to do… make a YouTube video parody!

My first parody on YouTube, back in 2007, was of Miss Teen South Carolina’s infamous answer during the Q & A portion of that pageant. It was my first video to get into the 6 figure view count and ever since then I’ve continued to parodies of viral videos (in addition to popular songs of course). Making original content on YouTube is great for the creative aspect, but I find that it needs to be mixed in with things that people are generally searching for as well. Not that many people may be searching for parodies of these beautiful women making verbal blunders, but now in some of their searches they’ll see my video listed and hopefully be curious enough to check them out, and my videos will also often show up as suggested/related videos for them to check out after they’ve seen the original.

So if you’re having trouble getting views on your own unique content, you might want to consider doing a parody or at least something topical – your own take on a current event or how it relates to your business, and that should help get your channel discovered by more people! Just make sure that you’re doing your video on something that’s hot and happening right now… what’s being searched for today may not be what’s searched for tomorrow.

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Facebook Comments:

  1. JustSoAustin


  2. rascalrich

    Exactly! I knew I had seen the wrong version of this thang! :)

  3. Domingo0022IWAY

    Very true! 😛

  4. narai esparza


  5. TimmyFellDownTheWell

    lmao loved this!

  6. LovesToDance1981


  7. MrTexasred63

    LOL, josh your so bad!!

  8. JoshRimer

    Hehe, now the truth is out! 😉

  9. JoshRimer

    Yup, you know if it’s on YouTube it has to be the real deal! ;-D

  10. JoshRimer

    It’s not my fault… her earrings were just so distracting! 😉


    Ah… Finally explained. Now it makes sense.

  12. JessicaWhoHD

    Haha very nice, fabulous shoes :)

  13. kidbrown2010

    Miss Utah’s answer was rocket science compare to miss teen USA 2007.

  14. JoshRimer

    Glad I could help clarify how it actually went down!

  15. JoshRimer

    Hehe, thanks… her makeup was pretty flawless too ;-D

  16. JoshRimer

    Ha, ya – this one wasn’t quite as epic as hers was. XD

  17. Michael Warbux

    LOL! Great parody Josh! Funny stuff

  18. JoshRimer

    Thanks Michael!

  19. kikoonthemove

    Miss South Carolina was honestly so stupid. She didn’t even answer the damn question and started going off about education in 3rd world countries. I was like “Da fuq bitch?!”

  20. JoshRimer

    Ha, ya – it’ll be hard for anyone to ever beat her answer! Classic.

  21. rebecca larcom

    R u gay?

  22. kaylaweaver1997

    Awesome video Josh. Can’t wait to see your next one!

  23. theteentalks

    This was hilarious!

  24. Samantha Mack

    Bah ha ha

  25. JoshRimer

    Thanks! :-)

  26. TheGayAsianSwimmer

    Can we please collab sometime!? Haha so funny

  27. JB Clem

    Miss South Carolina was worse. But please check out my proving Americans are not Stupid series on my channel. Some of the answers will have your mouth drop.

  28. MrAudienceMember

    The poor girl. I hope she knows how to make sammiches.

  29. JoshRimer

    Ha, well she is beautiful so I’m sure she has a bright future in modelling

  30. jjordonez

    Josh, when you said sometimes less is more, by less you meant her education and knowledge, right? HAHAHAHAHA

  31. Beth Rosenberg

    lol Josh this is simply just too wonderful

  32. Russzart

    Poor Chandeliers :-(

  33. JoshRimer

    Hehe, thanks Beth

  34. JoshRimer

    Haha, I suppose so 😉

  35. OnTheCheapTip

    I forgot to leave a comment on this…but this was super cute!

  36. JoshRimer

    Ha, thanks Robert :-)

  37. Pappa Nikko

    LOL, Great one Josh, love the chandelier comment 😀

  38. Anthony

    Loved the Makeup, haha.


  39. Riley

    This is awesome! My stomach hurts from laughing. I lost it in the second video. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be mean but this is just so funny. Also, you are the coolest!

  40. admin

    Ha, thanks – glad you liked it! :-)

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