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written by on January 19th, 2012

In 2011, we saw a lot of changes on YouTube, with the site getting a pretty major facelift and new features like YouTube Slam and the Google+1 integration, so it’s not really a surprise that many top social media influencers think the website will get more recognition as a major social network this year.

YouTube’s brand new look, in fact, says a lot about it wanting to go in more of a social media direction, although some say the new homepage looks more streamlined and business-like – perhaps because YouTube wants to make it more appealing for businesses and an older audience. Either way, it all boils down to YouTube’s desire to constantly innovate its business model since that’s the only way for it to really stay on top of its game.

Some social media experts also predict YouTube will get more dynamic and intuitiveViewers will find it easy to engage more with video makers and fellow audience members because of YouTube’s new features and layout. As a result, that will help create more opportunities  for videos to go viral this year.

Viewers can expect to see more high-quality videos as well with increased competition for eyeballs among content creators this year due to more YouTube partnerships being given out and more innovative businesses going on YouTube. And let’s not forget about the 100+ YouTube-funded channels that are poised to compete with offline TV networks this year.

In hindsight, new features on YouTube in late 2010 and early 2011 like the new annotations options, the ability to edit videos right within YouTube, Facebook and Twitter integration, and the like, were just laying out the blueprint of what to expect on YouTube come 2012. YouTube is only growing and getting better as time goes on so it continues to be the ultimate video sharing platform!

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Facebook Comments:

  1. John

    Youtube is already a powerful tool for marketing, but now with the’ll be a much more powerful social advantage. The content people look for will be a lot more targeted which helps for YouTube SEO marketers. And the fact that YouTube is enlisting more people to build revenue will result in higher level content. YouTube is not only a viral means of spreading a message, but it’s becoming a social network in its own right.

  2. Vance

    Hey Josh,

    The social part of YouTube is probably going to get better but on the other hand they are eliminating some features that people liked.

    Not only is YouTube getting more social media like but the Google as a whole is and their search engine is turning into social media engine more and more.

    I’d love your opinion and that of your readers on what I wrote about that in my last post.


  3. Victoria12

    Youtube is a very powerful social media today.. It helps entrepreneurs promote their business through videos they created.. In search engine, Youtube also is a big help to get more targeted traffic.

  4. Jess

    It seems like every site wants to be a social media hangout like facebook. The problem is, facebook already exists, and nobody is going to abandon it without good reason. That being said, YouTube is one of the few sites that could successfully become more social. From whatt your saying, it sounds like 2012 is going to be an interesting and exciting year for YouTube! Thanks for posting :)

  5. Play Risk online

    If Youtube turns into a social media site like facebook then I can bet it would be one of the best in this field within just one month. Even facebook will be in trouble.

    I am saying like that coz I think people can see youtube videos and comments without logging in it on the other hand facebook is not allowing people to view content without logging in it.

  6. Jon Victor

    YouTube have improved a lot and Google have the best designers. All they lack is the active users on Google+ otherwise they’ll dominate the Internet. Although I’m using Facebook, I prefer Google+ but I stick with Facebook because everyone’s there. YouTube video display have improved very much since the past few days and we can watch movie trailers and music videos in HD now. Having it all, sometimes it’s just frustrating that certain video’s can’t be viewed due to restriction on countries.

  7. Tommy

    Google has really done great things with youtube since they bought them and I think it’s their goal to make it more of a social network website. I think they have done a good job with youtube so far and I am excited to what is in store for 2012. Great post!

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