Psychic Octopus nominated for Ballon d’Or! (TTT)

written by on October 26th, 2010

Hey Trenders! Welcome to Top Trending Topics, where we give you an inside look on what’s being most talked about online.

Today, people are talking about Psychic Octopus. Paul the Octopus, which shot to fame when he predicted that Spain will win over Germany in the semi-finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, died of natural causes today in his habitat at the Sea Life Center in Germany. In case you didn’t know, Paul gained the ire of a lot of German fans during the course of the World Cup (they called in for the Octopus to be cooked and eaten) and many people remained skeptical of his abilities. His remains will be cremated soon but his final resting place is yet to be determined by Sea Life Center authorities.

Next, people are talking about #uwascooluntil- yet another hashtag tweet with comical grammer. Tweeters are sharing the writings on the wall or things that disappointed them about the person they thought was perfect for them.

And finally today, people are talking about Ballon, short for “Ballon d’Or” or “Golden Ball” in English. It refers to the European Footballer of the Year Award whose current title holder is FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. Today, FIFA announced their shortlist for the said award, as well as for the World Coach of the Year title and other annual awards. The winners will be awarded in January in Zurich, Germany.

So let’s see what the tweeps are saying about our topics today:

And those were today’s Top Trending Topics. See you again tomorrow!

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Facebook Comments:

  1. Elizabeth Lane

    He’s my hero, awww so cute. Paul the Octopus is pretty neat, maybe neat is an understatement.

    I saw this on the news ahile back and was amazed. I believe the octopus is a spirit guide b/c spirit guides come in all shapes and forms… even animals.

    They are here to teach us, guide us and of course see into the unknown to warn us. Great article!


    I like your video of Lady Gaga, born this way :)

  2. admin

    Ha, ya – that octopus is somethin else.

    Thanks for the compliment – glad you liked my parody! :-)

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