Don’t put your videos on Facebook!

written by Josh on July 28th, 2009

I know a few performers who also make videos of themselves doing their thing and then put those videos up online to share. A lot of them either put their videos on YouTube & Facebook or even just on FacebookWhat they’re effectively doing is killing their chance of having a viral video and cutting down the amount of people who will see it. And here’s why…

When you put videos on Facebook that’s probably the easiest way to get comments on them, at first. Most of your friends are likely on Facebook and it’s a real hub for commenting on stuff in general.  But there is no view count on Facebook videos so even if you got thousands of views, you’d never know it or be able to prove it. And beyond that it’s also not a public searchable forum like YouTube so really the only people who will watch your video there is your friends and you likely only have a few hundred of those anyway.

So if you only put the video on Facebook then you’re essentially cutting off the rest of the world from seeing it. Sure, some of your friends of friends might see it if it gets passed around a bit, but it doesn’t have the viral capabilities that a YouTube video does. YouTube allows the video to be easily shared with anyone in a variety of different ways including by email, being embedded in blogs and web sites, and of course even by Facebook.  Facebook videos on the other hand are very limiting in who can see them and how they’re shared.

And if you put your videos on both Facebook and YouTube, then you’ve likely just cut out your biggest audience (your friends) from watching it on YouTube, which simply cuts down your view count on YouTube and cuts down the chances that they’d pass around the YouTube link.

See, it’s all about the numbers. The more views you have on your YouTube video, the more it’ll get noticed (and the more impressive it’ll be to your viewers). When people go to YouTube they will usually find videos either by searching for words that are connected with the video or by finding it in the YouTube honors, which are categories like “most viewed today” and “most commented today”.  To get in those honors lists you need to have ALL of your viewers watching the video on YouTube.  Unless you have a huge following, you can’t afford to throw all of your Facebook friends’ views away, which is what you’re basically doing if you put your videos up on Facebook.

So put your videos ONLY on YouTube. It’s the #1 most used video sharing site and that’s where the general public will find your video. Then send all of your friends there with a link in your Facebook status and by posting the YouTube link on your wall.  That way their views will be counted and they have to share the YouTube link if they want to pass it on to others. When you have thousands of views on your video you’ll start getting on the honors lists and that way more people will start to find  your video and it will be shared around more and you’ll get more comments on it and it all just feeds into itself over and over again!

I used this strategy for the “Father Lover” video and went so far as to ask Ryan (the other singer in the video) to not upload it to his Facebook account or even his own YouTube account until after a month. That way we’d both be sending all of the traffic to one location, keeping the view count up as high as we could, and that way getting it the most exposure by being in the YouTube honors.  I’m sure that “Father Lover” wouldn’t have almost 50,000 views in it’s first 2 months if Ryan & I had both put it on Facebook and had he also put it on his own YouTube channel.

What do you think? Do you upload videos to Facebook?  Do you still think it’s better to have them there as well as or even instead of YouTube?

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Facebook Comments:

  1. Sarah

    I upload the videos I want as “public” to YouTube… and upload my “personal” videos to facebook… and by personal I’m talking about stuff I only want to share with friends and family.
    For a while, I was having a big problem with stalkers on YouTube. The stalker used my personal info (whatever he could gather from Youtube) to try and scare me. Needless to say, from that nighmare of an experience, I nolonger put personal stuff up on YT. You never know how a disturbed individual could use it. Scary indeed.
    ramble ramble…. ok, I’m done! hehe!

  2. Josh Rimer

    That’s a good point! I actually do have 6 videos uploaded to Facebook which are all personal ones as well. They aren’t on YouTube and are just silly stuff with friends or whatever shot on a cell phone.

    And remember, as awful as online stalkers are, it’s one of the highest forms of flattery! 😉 Hope they’re leaving you alone now though at least.

  3. Riel Roussopoulos

    You should take this a step farther actually and upload to as many video sites as you can.

    Vimeo, Yahoo Video… There are tons of other video sites and your name on all of them will just help you get found more.

    Of course, youtube is the big one, I’m just saying dont stop there. (pretty sure) has a nice aggregator service that will post it to all the video sites for you.
    (for a fee)

  4. Jeff - Basetwo Media

    What about videos which feature yourself, your friend or your employees? We tend to upload our videos to both YouTube and Facebook believing that tagging ourselves (if we are in fact featured in the video) will lead to more viral views.

    I think you need to consider the community too – not many people have YouTube accounts, which are required for commenting on a video. But virtually everyone has a Facebook account, making it more likely that they’ll comment and/or ‘like’ the video, spreading it further within the network. Of course this is still possible by simply posting a YouTube video I suppose..

    (old thread, I know)

  5. Josh Rimer

    That’s a great point Jeff. Tagging is a really beneficial part of Facebook for spreading stuff around and getting it seen by the contacts of the people you tag.

    What I do is tag the people involved in the video by putting their name in the “What’s on your mind” part when I’m attaching the YouTube url. As long as you type the @ symbol before their name, you’ll be able to tag them in that post and it’ll show up on their wall too – getting their contacts to watch it through YouTube on their wall and keeping that view count up. :-)

  6. Maya

    Great observation. Facebook is doesn’t let you reach your full potential. Youtube lets you keep track of things, and makes it easier to spread the word.

  7. Junky Tynan

    Your not famous silly boy. U have a unique name the same as I have a unique name. It doesn’t make me famous.
    I don’t know how I landed on this website. ITS SILLY!!!

    I’m guessing you’ll remove this comment too.

  8. admin

    Well the point of this blog is to follow my progress as I become famous. I’m on my way, but not there yet. This way other people can learn right along with me about what is or isn’t working to help me get there.

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