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Building Caring Communities

September 16th, 2014 / 5 Comments »

Last year I produced and hosted a number of comedic videos for posAbilities, an organization that helps people with developmental disabilities find employment. They were challenging, but fun – and our most successful one was a parody of Gangnam Style called Employment Style that got over 13K views. This year they contacted me to try producing and hosting a video... 

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Viral Video: Puppy Petting A Human

September 2nd, 2014 / 22 Comments »

What’s more adorable than a cute puppy happily being pet by its owner? How about that cute puppy petting its owner back! A totes adorbs video of a yorkie petting his owner Ricky, instead of the other way around, is going viral and it really is hard to watch without saying “awwwwwww!” throughout. Check out my sassy review of it and then let me know... 

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Top 10: Ice Bucket Challenge FAILS

August 22nd, 2014 / 27 Comments »

Last week I heard about guys doing shirtless videos for charity and decided that since my audience includes a lot of gay men, it would be a good one to cover in a top 10 list. If it hadn’t have been for the fact that I was trying to cater to that audience I wouldn’t have bothered to cover that specifically because guys dumping ice water on themselves didn’t... 

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Top 10: Real Life FOOD PORN Pics!

August 1st, 2014 / 11 Comments »

When food looks really good in photos we call it food porn, but when vegetables and fruits resemble naughty human parts the term takes on a whole new meaning! Check out 10 photos of foods that each look like a body part in this episode of The Sassy Scoop and if you start to get aroused, just remember, it’s only food! Let me know which one you liked (or got turned... 

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Viral Video: Pitbull Climbs On Baby!

July 29th, 2014 / 29 Comments »

What happens with a pitbull climbs up onto a baby? Well, probably not what you might initially think! Unlike some other stories we hear about Pitbulls, this one does not end badly… on the contrary, it might just be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen (or at least the cutest thing you’ve seen today). 10 week old baby Eisleigh, and 8 week old Pitbull puppy... 

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July 25th, 2014 / 26 Comments »

Want to see 10 guys with bad tattoos? Then you’ve come to right right place! Check out my review in this episode of The Sassy Scoop that includes photos of 10 men who really should have asked their friends for advice before getting tattoos put on their bodies. They knew these things were permanent, right? Which one did you think was the worst? Was there one you... 

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Viral Video: Dog Apologizes To Baby

July 23rd, 2014 / 14 Comments »

Today you’re getting an overdose of cuteness – a dog AND a baby in one video! And they’re even best best friends. Charlie the dog tries to apologize to the videographer’s daughter for stealing her toy and the result is pretty darn adorable. Check it out in this episode of The Sassy Scoop: See the original video of the guilty dog apologizing... 

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July 18th, 2014 / 15 Comments »

One of the summer’s hottest trends for men seems to be putting flowers in their beards! Well, maybe it’s not the hottest trend, but right now it is a pretty popular thing for many guys to share pictures of on Instagram and Pinterest. Here in an episode of “The Sassy Scoop” are my top 10 choices of bearded men with flowers on their face… aka... 

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Viral Video: Deodorant Review FAIL

July 16th, 2014 / 19 Comments »

A man uploaded a review video about a new deodorant he was trying out, with lousy results. Turns out he just might not have been using it properly. Was the video real or was it fake? Either way the one thing it is for sure is viral! I gave my review and reaction in an episode of The Sassy Scoop… check it out below for a good laugh! See the original video (Scott... 

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10 really cute dogs to make you go “awwwww!”

June 20th, 2014 / 34 Comments »

The internet loves cuteness. Whether it’s a video of a cute baby or a photo of a cute kitten, either way it’ll probably get a good amount of views once people starting finding and sharing it. Since I’m a big dog lover myself I decided to do a top 10 list of the cutest dogs I could on the web. Check out the results in this episode of  Read More →

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